Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Free Antivirus Reviews

Free Antivirus Reviews

With the digital world, today is connected, as most of our professional and personal life is more dependent on computers and networks, it is necessary to protect your data and your identity and apparent good safety program. There are antiviral much (or more accurately the name of protecting the software) and suppliers of materials to choose from. This includes a variety of security products that can be obtained free of charge. Avast, AVG, and Microsoft is some special quality products that offer this type of solution. How many antivirus products come with a one year subscription, it is interesting to use the free offer. But how confident is the free product? You can sleep when your computer is protected by the free antivirus program? Well, it depends.

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In most cases, sellers who offer free antivirus, offering free products, and when the product is free of charge to eligible under paid. Let us first determine if the list of articles that offer free products, good enough for you. Many antivirus packages do not provide a basic set of features, usually only one anti-virus and anti-spyware. If you are looking for features that are more advanced, such as firewall, safe navigation, or the Anti-Phishing, which is common in free versions.

The second thing to consider is the degree of protection available and how to measure the commercial product. Independent laboratory tests such as AV-contrast, AV-Test, Virus Bulletin and others, implement and publish regular inspections of all major brands of safety, including free.

evaluate the results of previous tests independent lab tests show that it is important that you get "good" level of protection for some free product. With a very high level of security, "I think the average product product product trial, but under the fund basis of high performance products.

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The last thing to consider is support. Free products usually come with a little help. Support is also offered free product documentation anti-virus software available online, a knowledge base and online forums. You will not receive e-mail, telephone or help if things go wrong.

So, if you are not satisfied with the quality and fear of lack of support, the main consideration your safety. You can feel safe in virus free? Given that there is no such thing as 100% protection, free anti-virus products provide a defense "very good". Enough to sleep in peace? It is subjectively. Personally, I could not. But it is for me. You should consider the cost of losing your data, taking account of aggressive e-mail your bank account, social networks, credit cards and more, compared with the cost of the best breed security software. And make your choice. Of course, however, that free antivirus is better than nothing. Sweet dreams.


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