Monday, 30 April 2012

Free antivirus protection reviews

Free antivirus protection reviews

Many people do not consider to download free antivirus software. And it is because they are cynical about antivirus vendor for the development of free software, and believe that using them as a marketing ploy to connect people to buy antivirus software at all. If the claim is true or not, play an important role in security software free antivirus software.

On the other hand, there are many free anti-virus and anti-spyware program developed by the cybercriminals. And the false antivirus (rogue security software) that is designed to steal unsuspecting users. He wore the appropriate security software programs scan your computer and find malware. But the truth is that this trojan and malware threats including spyware and steal your personal information and shameful activities.

To remove malware threats and protect your computer against all types of cyber threats that are familiar with the type of the best free antivirus software. There are many good choices, but we found that three of the best features and tools.

So here is a list of the best Grade 3 free antivirus software:


AVG Anti-Virus is one of the largest antivirus download for free. A history of providing excellent protection against all types of malware threats. With the full version of the antivirus program is one of the top 10.

Unlike some competitors, not AVG antivirus full version and the version is being diluted. This is one reason it is so popular, and protect the millions of computers around the world. It provides a comprehensive interface with all functions and tools in one place and yet simple enough for easy operation and configuration.

One of the lessons learned during download GVA constant reminder to pay for academic programs. But without a plan that aims to protect against the virus.


Avira as an antivirus program has a number of other security products that are important to different customers. So, in the free version allows you to use it forever, and performance testing.

There is nothing left to update your antivirus software at all, but provides greater protection. But the free version of the lamp and turn the experts as one of the best deals for free. It has a simple interface and easy to understand, simple, events and information, all in one place.


Avast is a strong defense. And like the other brothers in charge of security on your PC free from threats such as Trojan viruses malware and spyware. Do not bother me a continuous reminder to upgrade to a paid version, and you can update each year and the latest version. Avast also clean up your computer files damaged by the temporary files that slow.


On the other free antivirus software Microsoft Security Essentials program. This is a comprehensive security program that works with the Windows operating system and Windows Defender. And three antivirus programs mentioned above, also works well with free programs like Malwarebytes to protect your computer from spyware threats.


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