Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Free Antivirus Protection

Free Antivirus Protection

number of years, Microsoft has launched a new anti-virus software - Microsoft Security key.

Many people in the antivirus industry are concerned that Microsoft to kill the antivirus market. It does not happen again, despite the fact that Microsoft will be made either in independent antivirus tests.

But Microsoft is not only free antivirus program, there are many other products. Does free antivirus product, and we believe them?

First, free software is always associated with Open Source Software: equipment made nerds are not smart, very pretty but it works well. However, the strength of the antivirus product updates. The most important of all companies to fight the virus in your laboratory. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anti-virus engineers working in shifts and analysis of current Internet threats. How many free programs to support this action?

At this time, free antivirus products are not only open source projects open source enthusiasts, in a better world. Big business, big development and distribution of this product of millions of copies.

This is a great free antivirus vendor solutions:

Avast! - Avast! Free Anti-Virus 6

AVG - AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2012

Avira - Avira AntiVir Personal - Free Antivirus

BitDefender - Online Scanner

Microsoft - Microsoft Security Essentials

Comodo - Comodo antivirus

Lavasoft - Ad-Aware Free Internet Security

Protecting digital digital anti-virus protection

Square - a-square Anti-Malware 5.1 Freeware

PCTools - PC Tools antivirus 2012 free

Preventon - Preventon Antivirus - Free Edition

Form - The Free Return System

Be careful if you see that antivirus products in this list. Antivirus software can be false, malicious piece of malware, you can apply or steal your money. If not complete, you can see provider list of official Journal of the virus.

The stock market is a great free antivirus products (although it is difficult to measure. Most of the proposed measuring technology market products bought and sold). They are not very high in organic results on Google for such terms as "antivirus". They also spent hundreds of thousands of campaigns to pay Google and downloaded to the growing network of partners. Why all this? Just to give good gifts?

Of course not. business model is to obtain a large market for greater awareness of home users worldwide. And then sell something.

You can visit the site and see their business model. It is especially online sales, so everything is open, no secrets supply agreement or union contract. He said that "not only antivirus enough" to protect your computer and then asked to buy "complete Internet security", usually can get a firewall, anti-spam, and separate components.

This means that the worst free antivirus solution? Most likely, continue to protect against viruses. It offers free Internet security solutions for better protection? Most likely, yes, it has several security features. What exactly is a strong degree of protection than others? It is very difficult to say because no one knows what kind of attacks that you see in the near future.

In any free antivirus solution for the real deal from a reputable company. I hope they do a good job.


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